Thursday, December 31, 2009

Untitled (No. 589)

Pointing towards the heavens signals soldiers of solemnity.

Untitled (No. 588)

The instruction manual provides no solace for the fatalistic.

(since I forgot about 12/30/09)

Untitled (No. 587)

Trouble is worth at least half the battle.

(since I forgot about 12/29/09)

Untitled (No. 586)

Your problems are just a phone call away.

(since I forgot about 12/28/09)

Untitled (No. 585)

Pardon me is a strange hello.

(since I forgot about 12/27/09)

Untitled (No. 584)

We salute you with a celebratory slug.

(since I forgot about 12/26/09)

Untitled (No. 583)

Correction fluid is only necessary for your comments.

(since I forgot about 12/25/09)

Untitled (No. 582)

Your smile hides as much as it reveals.

(since I forgot about 12/24/09)

Untitled (No. 581)

Unopened boxes are panaceas of pleasure.

(since I forgot about 12/23/09)

Untitled (No. 580)

Tigers are feared by striped foes aplenty.

(since I forgot about 12/22/09)

Untitled (No. 579)

Saying it twice merely confounds me more.

(since I forgot about 12/21/09)

Untitled (No. 578)

Recovered fumbles are the less fortunate's gold mine.

(since I forgot about 12/20/09)

Untitled (No. 577)

Dull and unsolicited commentary is mildly entertaining.

(since I forgot about 12/19/09)

Untitled (No. 576)

What head covering exists for the truly brainless?

(since I forgot about 12/18/09)

Untitled (No. 575)

Interesting is so obviously descriptive.

(since I forgot about 12/17/09)

Untitled (No. 574)

We travel life's roads by bumper cars.

(since I forgot about 12/16/09)

Untitled (No. 573)

Lefty loosey is the least of your worries.

(since I forgot about 12/15/09)

Untitled (No. 572)

Your nose reveals all that is to come.

(since I forgot about 12/14/09)

Untitled (No. 571)

I heard it with my own heart.

(since I forgot about 12/13/09)

Untitled (No. 570)

We ride a cymbal so sweet, so shuffled to the untrained ear.

(since I forgot about 12/12/09)

Untitled (No. 569)

Love pains are distress signals from the heart.

(since I forgot about 12/11/09)

Untitled (No. 568)

It's only a matter of time before time matters.

(since I forgot about 12/10/09)

Untitled (No. 567)

Forgetfullness is memory faded away.

(since I forgot about 12/09/09)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Untitled (No. 566)

Life unfiltered falls swiftly by the wayside.

(since I forgot about 12/08/09)

Untitled (No. 565)

Compromise is for the fortunate few.

(since I forgot about 12/07/09)

Untitled (No. 564)

Chilly is a state of mind forgotten in flames of fury.

(since I forgot about 12/06/09)

Untitled (No. 563)

Staring softly sears the soul.

(since I forgot about 12/05/09)

Untitled (No. 562)

Blues has a way of brightening your day.

(since I forgot about 12/04/09)

Untitled (No. 561)

Riffing on you is melody in the making.

(since I forgot about 12/03/09)

Untitled (No. 560)

No is so simply put.

(since I forgot about 12/02/09)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Untitled (No. 559)

Imagine you and me and you and me and you and me lovely.

(Since I've been on hiatus since 10/29/09)