Monday, April 13, 2009

Untitled (No. 468)

Torture can't come soon enough.

(since I forgot about 03/31/09)

Untitled (No. 467)

Hair was the least of his bodily concerns.

(since I forgot about 03/30/09)

Untitled (No. 466)

Your warm personality is a magnet for maniacs.

(since I forgot about 03/29/09)

Untitled (No. 465)

We bring you greetings from the inner recesses of your soul.

(since I forgot about 03/28/09)

Untitled (No. 464)

A dirty floor is a sign of goodwill.

(since I forgot about 03/27/09)

Untitled (No. 463)

Life will end as soon as the encore begins.

(since I forgot about 03/26/09)